Broken Foot / Fashion Weeks



So, there is a first time for everything, right? Well, I have recently experienced one those “firsts”, and that would be breaking a bone. I can never say again, “Never have I ever broken a bone” :( Basically what happened was I was wearing really crappy shoes, that I have literally had for five years, and decided to wear them for the first time. I was walking in a narrow place, which required me to walk with one foot in front of the other, and my foot just rolled over a snapped. It was SO painful! I ended up going to the hospital and found out I broke my fifth metatarsal, which is the bone on the side of your foot that connects to your pinky toe. So, for the past six weeks I have been in a walking cast, and only got off crutches last week, which is making everything so much easier! It was so hard to go to school for a while because I would have to take cabs to my classes because I couldn’t walk to school or even to the bus, which made everything that much more frustrating and hard. However, everything is feeling good, so I hope that when I go back to the hospital in a couple weeks the Doctor will be happy with how it is healing! Please send your positive “let Lara’s foot heal well” thoughts my way! :)

As we all know I have an obsession with London, England, and fashion, so I have very much been enjoying seeing picture of London Fashion Week. I have to say I really enjoyed the Burberry collection, and Cara Delevingne looked gorgeous as always. I really liked the personalized ponchos that the girls were wearing (I will insert a picture, credit to the whoever took it! :)). I also really enjoy reading blogs written by people who attended LFW, New York Fashion Week (NYFW), or any of the other fashion weeks. One of my favourite YouTubers, Tanya Burr, has a blog,, and she has been posting pictures from LFW, and also what she wore. I really love these types of things and would love to one day attend one of these shows myself! A girl can dream right?! ;)

Anyways, I’m off to dream about all the things I want to do with my life, after I do a little homework, …and watch a couple shows, …and the next thing you know it’s 1am lol. But, as long as every day you are moving closer to where you want to be, you are making progress! :)

Sweet dreams, 


Broken Foot / Fashion Weeks

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