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I swear my roommate Bianca and I could be part time psychologists/ therapists. The amount of motivational advice we text each other, whether we are in the same house, or hours away, is borderline ridiculous, but at the same time very encouraging lol. So I thought I would share some of the life lessons Bianca has taught me.

1. You got to risk it to get the biscuit (lol)- If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. You can’t live your life in fear. It is better to try something, then not try, and wonder.

2. “You need to go out and live the dream, no fear, just do it”- You need to chase what you want, because if you don’t, others will. Go out and find what you love.

3. “Never a failure, always a lesson, or something to be laughed at”- As long as you learn from your mistakes then you’re good to go. Nothing is a failure because you tried, and that is better then not trying.

4. You have to put yourself out there (something I am currently working on)- Take a chance, and do things that are out of your comfort zone. Being nervous is okay, but don’t let fear run your life. Go out and live.

5. Broaden your horizons- Go out and meet all sorts of people who will teach you different things. Change is good, get experience, don’t be afraid.

I recently read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, which I LOVED. I took many quotes from the book which I think about quite often. One of my favourites definitely has to be from the male lead, Augustus Waters:

“You are going to live a good and long life filled with great and terrible moments that you cannot even imagine yet!”

This reminds me that life is beautiful, life is great, and there is so much more to come!

Look around you.






So I’m back to share one of my favourite activities to do during the months leading up to summer, which is making my own high waisted shorts! On this specific day, my friends, Natalie, Isabelle, and I, went to Value Village and bought some very inexpensive high waisted “mom” jeans, and turned them in to really cute, on trend, high waisted shorts! So there are a couple different ways and styles you can do to achieve cool high waisted shorts. In the picture above, my shorts are in the middle, and I opted to roll the bottoms of mine, opposed to making them “cut off” style, but I have also made some of that style as well. Follow along to see how I easily made my high waisted shorts! :)

1. Get some high waisted jeans. You can get them very inexpensively from Value Village or Good Will.

2. Try the jeans on and make a mark with pen or chalk on one leg where you want to cut your jeans. 

3. Cut your shorts. It is often better to cut the jeans a little longer first, and then make adjustments. Also, I would cut the shorts on a bit of an angle, making them a little longer in the crotch so they don’t ride up too much.

4. Retry on your shorts and make any adjustments to the length.

5. To get your shorts like mine in the picture (the middle), keep your shorts a little longer and then roll the bottoms up a few times to the length you want. Mine tend to just stay rolled, but you could also stitch the sides or iron them to keep the rolls from unfolding.

6. To get the “cut off” look, like the other two shorts in the picture above, keep in mind that they will fray a bit, which will make them shorter, so leave some room for that when making adjustments. In order to fray the shorts, which is to get the white strings to hang out, you can get tweezers and sandpaper and just pull on the white strings you see in the shorts, and use the sandpaper to make any distressed marks. 

7. Once you pull out a few white strings, put your shorts in the dryer and the white strings will continue to fray, and you will have a nice, cute pair of cut offs!

I personally find making shorts really fun, easy, and inexpensive. They go with so many things and I find them really cute! I hope you enjoy making and wearing your new shorts!! :)




I’m trying this new thing where I’m going to be the best possible me I can be, and this is how I’m going to do it:

1. Stop comparing myself to others

2. Believe in myself

3. Think positively

4. Try new things

5. Go on adventures

6. Read and write more

7. Do things that scare me

8. Treat myself to something nice

9. Spend more time outside

10. Give everything my best shot

11. Don’t listen to negativity

12. Dream

13. Travel

14. Drink tea

15. Stop being so nervous to fail/ stop doubting myself

16. Spend more time with family and friends who love and encourage me

17. Be optimistic

18. Take chances- if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done

19. Forgive

20. :)

Let me know if you have any more suggestions!

Have a good day wherever you are!





I’m currently waiting for my french fries to bake, so I thought I would throw up a quick post! (priorities, I know) :) :)

I AM OFFICIALLY DONE MY 2ND YEAR OF UNI!!!!!!!!!! I handed in my last paper this past Thursday, and I couldn’t be more relieved to be finished school for four months. Although I can’t believe how fast it went by, and I’m already missing my roommates, I am in much need of a break! So my days have consisted of sleeping, being unproductive, and everything else good in life ;)

Today, I went to Target, Walmart, and the mall with my friend, Natalie. I bought a lipstick from Revlon, which is called “Pink Cloud” and it’s a very pretty light pink, and I intend to wear it as an everyday colour, you know? Then I went and got mini eggs because tomorrow’s Easter and all, and mini eggs are the loves of my life so… there’s that. Tomorrow my Nonna, cousins and aunts and uncles are coming over to my house for Easter dinner, and I am very excited because I haven’t seen them in a while as I have been at school. Also, I went to the gym for the first time since I broke my foot, and found out I lost TEN pounds???!!! So I was pleasantly surprised at that, which is why I’m making french fries…..also there were many cute boys there.

I just thought of this and I thought I would let you know. The house beside mine is for sale and there are people there every bloody minute. I wish I was kidding. Five cars are there, they drive away, no joke two minutes later three more cars show up. So I just blare my music in my car, and pretend not to notice them.

I think my french fries are burning.

UPDATE: they are burnt to a crisp

byeeeeee!!! xxx



Hello, hello, hello!

So last week I basically studied for exams and procrastinated, so nothing was really new! Today, I had my human sexuality exam, which is a course that goes towards my minor in Family and Child Studies. Not going to lie, the exam was hard. It was 2 hours long, and there were 120 multiple choice questions. Yes, that sadly means it is one question per minute! Some questions I knew right away, while others I was like “what the hell is this?” I’m hoping I made some good guesses and did okay! After that, I came home and ate, then passed out for 2 hours which was glorious lol.

On the up side, I got a job interview for next week, and I am really excited but also nervous! I really hope I get the job because it starts at the perfect time, and it would be at my cottage so I can still go to the beach and get tanned when I’m not working! Please keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

Also, I heard about this app called “The Hunt” from watching Tyler Oakley’s new video. You can upload a picture of something like a shirt you see someone wearing or a necklace that you like, and people will help you find where to buy it online! HOW COOL IS THAT?! So I’m thinking of giving it a try; however, my credit card doesn’t think that would be a good idea ;)

Today, I wrote some more of my English paper that is due Thursday, and I am about to start studying for my Couple and Family exam which is also Thursday (fingers crossed again please!). I hope everything continues to go well, and I can’t believe that I am less then a week away from finishing my 2nd year of university. It is absolutely crazy how fast the past 2 years have gone by! The other day I was looking at pictures from 1st year and I am now jealous of my sister who will be coming to school here next year. First year was so amazing, and I had such a great time. For anyone moving away from their families, and/or going to school away from home, I promise it will be the best year of your life. I know it’s scary, I cried, I used to tell my parents I was going to live with them until I was 40 because I never wanted to leave them lol. Living on my own was hard at first, but you start to enjoy the independence, and remember that your family will still be there. The biggest thing for me was the thought that my families lives were going to continue without me, and I wouldn’t know what was going on with them anymore. I got over that feeling, and it helped being able to call them whenever I wanted, and I also went home on weekends quite often. However, I met some of my best friends in residence, 3 of which I live with now, and I am so blessed to have them all in my life. I promise you it will be great!!

So, have a good day, and remember exams and grades do not make up who you are!

Stay golden,



MY WEEK: March 24th-30th


You are about to feast your eyes on my life changing week…


Basically I laid in bed all day. I went to class, then I was so tired from my past few hectic weeks that I laid in bed all day, and basically all week. I was also very sick. I had a head cold and brutal cough, which I am still recovering from. This created the awkward moment in my oh so awkward English class on Tuesday. I also attended night class alone, as my roommate had not come back yet from going home that weekend. This made class more boring then usual, and usually it is pretty boring.


You know when you have a head cold, and your mind just feels foggy and thick? That’s how I felt. However, I went to class, and I’m just sitting there sweating to death, and my teacher says to me in front of the class, “Lara, you look really annoyed”. I thought “please don’t make this awkward”. So, I just said I was sorry and that I was sick and 5 million degrees. In which she replied that she was sick too, and thankfully that was the end of the awkward encounter. After class, I went to the grocery store, got Buckley’s medicine and laid in bed for the rest of the day.


I went to class, then came home and laid in bed (starting to see a trend?). Luckily I had nothing due last week so it somewhat justified me doing absolutely nothing.


In English class, we watched a movie on the book we are currently reading, which thankfully didn’t leave much room for awkward encounters. After class, my roommates and I went to res for lunch, because we missed the food (my university has the top rated food in the country). Thursday night, we had a party at my place for my 20th birthday, then we went downtown. It was really fun, and I enjoyed myself.


I went to class, then I came home and opened presents from my roommates. I got two shirts, candy, necklaces, and bracelets, which are all really cute. Friday night I went to my cottage with my family for the weekend, which was really nice to get away before exams start.


March 29th was my 20th birthday. I have to say, I feel older in a good way, and I am surprisingly excited to be 20, and start a new decade. I opened my presents from my parents, I got a “Lara” name necklace, which I am obsessed with, money, and a few other things. We went for a walk on the lake, because it is still frozen, and had a nice steak dinner. I also handed out some resumes for a summer job.


I came back to school, did some homework, and chatted with my roommates. Exams start next week so there is a lot of work to be done!

Stay tuned to see how much I procrastinate this week, even though I have 2420405 things to do, and even more readings to be read!



MY WEEK: MARCH 17th-23rd

My week in a nutshell…


BOW DOWN BITCHES, I’M ACTUALLY IRISH. Not going to lie, that was written on my shirt last St. Patty’s day lol. Since St. Patty’s fell during the week this year, which was rather unfortunate, I had a paper due that day, also rather unfortunate, so I handed in my paper and then left class along with everyone else haha. I went with my roommates, and a few friends, to an Irish Pub really close to my house for some green beer, and Irish music. It was a lot of fun, and something easy to do, but still festive, during crunch time at school.


I have this class Tuesday’s and Thursday’s which I quite like; however, something always happens that makes it really awkward. For example, two people literally looked at each other and the teacher saw, and stopped the class and asked why they looked at each other… There’s only about 20 kids in the class, so these awkward occurrences tend to make it really uncomfortable to the point where you don’t even want to go to class anymore. But you kind of have to because you get marks for participating…

WEDNESDAY- I went to class and discussed with my friend the awkward occurrence that once again occurred in our class the day before (see above). I don’t really remember what else I did. Probably procrastinated the rest of the day lol.

THURSDAY- I attended the awkward class again, and it was awkward…again. I pretty much finished a paper that was due Friday, which I thought was a little tricky but I think/hope to God I figured it out. I also went to night class, in which I studied for my English quiz that I had the next day because I fell asleep for 2 hours before class when I should have been studying (typical).

FRIDAY- I had my English quiz which was kind of hard. All I want is 70%. 70 70 70! We (my roommates and I) went to our friends house, and then downtown, for our friends 20th birthday (P.S. My 20th is this week OMG). It was fun and nice to see everyone. I also wore red lipstick, which I never do, and now I kind of have a lipstick obsession. I just found a shimmery pinkish one that my friend sent me from Holland, so I think I’m going to try that out this week, because it’s more natural than red. I really want to buy like a nude/light pinkish colour though…


Literally didn’t leave the house. I wrote a paper that was due today, and did laundry. BOOOOOO. So boring. I hate when you have to go to bed at night when you feel like you’ve been in bed all day. It’s just so blah. So I had a blah day.

SUNDAY (today)-

Today I went grocery shopping because I had no food. Literally. I was eating pasta for breakfast. I also finished up my paper, and handed it in. I have currently eaten almost half of the Sherbet ice-cream I bought at the grocery store today……so there’s that. Right now I am watching Nashville with my roommates. I’m not really watching though shhhh. AND my throat is quite sore and my nose is running. PERFECT, I just know it will make for a even better Monday tomorrow. Because we all love Monday’s, right?! ;)

So please, tune in next week to hear about my awkward classes, and birthday celebrations, with a whole lot of procrastination thrown in (exams start in 2 weeks lol).

Night!! xxx


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